Established in 2001 by Tobias Schröder


During an extended stay in Manhattan’s East Village in 1996, Tobias had a thought, “why don’t I make the leather jackets that I see in my favorite pop culture films?” With this in mind, the twenty-something globetrotter returned to his home in Hamburg and turned his idea into a reality.

Self-made and self-taught with an unstoppable spirit and a devil for the details, he sets out on his journey alone, with a foldable road map behind the wheel of one too many cars to create a fashion brand that takes off faster than an old muscle car.

Khujo started with the design of one leather vintage inspired jacket and has grown to a complete collection for women and men. Each season the collection ranges from cutting edge vintage inspired classic reinvented to modern urban contemporary cutting edge designs inspired by the streets of Los Angeles, New York, London, Copenhagen, Berlin and Hong Kong.

Typical of so many big adventure stories, one big adventure begins with one small step forward.

In 2001 Khujo is trademarked and the takes the brand’s first step. What started with one well-crafted rough and ready leather jacket, turns wildfire and fans the flame in fashion and spreads word about Khujo throughout Germany.

From this day, the brand quickly expanded to the borders of Europe and beyond. The original jacket would be pictured here if the Founder had not had it stolen during a drunken night in bad company in one of the Reepebahn cellars. 2010 & the brand grows from a local jacket designer into an internationally recognized and established brand in the fashion community.

The Khujo label, founded on expertise for making beautifully designed and inspired jackets expanded into additional product groups in the collection with the launch of a complete lifestyle collection. 2012 Khujo showed up at the Bread and Butter in Berlin with a two story booth showcasing a glass green house on the interior.



All is good!

Because we love quality and fine garments in a modern design down to the smallest detail. Cool styles, easy to combine and based on our experience and your real needs for an individual wardrobe.

Fashion that is young and always on the pulse of time.


2014 brings Khujo to the top of the Bread and Butter Berlin show with the honor of the booth named and awarded the most impressive of the Berlin Fashion Week by German Textilwirtschaft. The summer collection was showcased on a 3,000 thousand square feet footprint inspired by an Amish barn on the exterior and luxury home worthy California Cucina inspired interiors lit by oversized fila-ment bulbs. Showcased behind a wall of glass was Los Angeles tattoo artist “ Hollywood Marc” inking tattoos on everyone who wanted one and had the perso-nality to be the star of the show for all who passed by and stopped to watch.

2016 brings Khujo farther down the road of fashion with an innovative booth made of an epic combination of shipping containers, natural wood and neon signs to Panorama Berlin. A show coined as Europe’s greatest fashion market-place and the see and be seen of unexpected items and the trendsetting news of the fashion and lifestyle industry.

2018 Khujo begins its entrance into the U.S., and international markets.

2019 is just around the corner…just wait to see what we have in store for you.